First place Anne McIntosh
Parkland Photography Club
October 2010

Tisdale, Monday, November 8, 2010 by: Darlene McCullough
  President Neil Anderson 873-2356
  Vice President BJ Madsen  
  Sec./Treasurer Darlene McCullough 873-2030

Due to the inclement weather last week, the Parkland Photography Club postponed their October meeting until Tuesday, November 2. Eighteen members met in the Doghide Gallery along with two guests Chantelle Derbowka and Lindsey Reed. New members Daylene and Tye Wallington were welcomed to the club. President Neil Anderson chaired the meeting until he had to leave and then Vice-President BJ Madsen took over the chair.

President Neil suggested that each member bring about five of their "special to them" photos to share with the members and Juliana Van Jaarsveld volunteered for the November 23 meeting. Neil also reminded the members about preparing their images for the Shutterbug Show to be held between mid January and mid February. Each member is asked to have about five framed photos for the display of our work.

BJ Madsen then presented an informative and entertaining report on the history of cameras and photography and demonstrated the amount of work required to take photos with those old cameras. The pin-hole camera was invented in Iraq about 1000 years ago but it was 800 more years before a photo was actually taken and printed. Using a Russian-made Photo Core 1 camera that opened using accordion-like pleats he demonstrated exactly what the photographer had to do in order to capture an image.

This camera used plate carriers which provide one photo each. First the camera was placed on a tripod (shutter speeds were very slow then) and adjusted so that it is was level checking with the bubble level provided for this. The back of the camera was then opened to form a hood and the shutter and lens were opened. The photographer then looked in to check the upside-down image on a sheet of ground glass and using the focusing knob he adjusted this. Then a jeweler's loup was used to check the focus from top to bottom, the shutter was closed, speed and lens opening were set, hood was closed, carrier plate was inserted, a remote shutter release was hooked up and the photo was snapped. The photographer removed the film carrier and he had one photo.

This procedure would be repeated for each photo. The plates were taken home to a dark room where they were developed and hung to dry. The major changes in film have been from black and white to colour and then to digital. Modern cameras are made to be more convenient being truly "point and shoot" allowing many more people to enjoy photography. Not many of us would be dedicated enough to go through that long procedure that BJ demonstrated.

Competitions chair Anne McIntosh then projected the ten images which club members had submitted to the Foto Fun Competition hosted by the Gleneath Photo Club. As each image was displayed Anne read the mark assigned to it and the judges' comments about it. Our club members submitted ten images and won four Honourable Mentions. Anne has sent another 10 images in to the competition this year as well as submitting twenty images to the PRPA Everest Competition.

The theme shoot topic for this month was "Insect" and there were twelve entries. First place went to Anne McIntosh: a tie for second place to Lia Boxall and Anja Gotze, and third place went to Albert Orban.

Vice-President BJ Madsen then presented Albert Orban with a gold medal for accumulating 500 club points. congratulations, Albert!

Salome Van der Merwe provided the lunch for this meeting.

The next meeting of the Parkland Photography Club will be held in the Doghide Gallery on Tuesday, November 23. Drop into the Doghide Gallery and have a look at the winning theme shoot photos as well as others that are on the club display board there.

Darlene McCullough

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