Parkland Photography Club - May 30, 2000

Tisdale - June 2, 2000 - By Gerald Crawford
Parkland Photography Club held its May meeting on the 30th, with nine members and two guests present.
Theme for this meeting was "Wooden Elevators", and we had five entries. First was Darlene McCullough's slide of the elevator at Wakaw. Runners up were Jenny Fritshaw's photo of the elevator at Eldersley, and Tibby Frazer's black and white photo of the Ridgedale Elevator. The other two were photos of the old Federal elevator at Lintlaw, and Ziola's bright red elevator at Nut Mountain. They are getting harder to find, but there are a few left out there.
At a previous meeting, a challenge was thrown out to members to go into the back yard on a given day and use up a roll of film. "Back yard", of course was pretty flexible; the intent was to see what could make an interesting photo that might otherwise be overlooked. They were each to bring eight photos to the May meeting. Eight members participated (actually nine, but one forgot to bring hers) so we had lots of photos to view.
After a delicious lunch courtesy of Harry Bourne, elections were held, for the Club year beginning with the September meeting. Doreen Crawford moved up to the President's chair, and Jenny Fritshaw will be Vice-President. Darlene McCullough will continue as Secretary Treasurer, and Jerry Crawford as newsletter editor. The Activities Committee will
be Harry Bourne, Tibby Frazer and Jerry Crawford, and its first duty will be to dream up a list of themes for next year.
Our annual June Field trip was discussed. A boat trip in theSaskatchewan appealed to everyone, so Jenny was asked to contact the charter firm for details, and to contact members by telephone. It is tentatively booked for Wednesday, June 28th, at 2 pm. We will have a pot-luck wiener roast at the Regional Park afterwards.
The theme for the June meeting is "Open Nature" photographer's choice, but no sign of man or man's interference to be visible, such as fences, roads, even old, grown-over logging trails. It may not be as easy as itsounds!

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