Ben Goes To New York's Chinatown

New York City - Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - Images by Ben Checkowy

When it comes to being big New York City is in a class and scale of its own. It is hard for us who live here on the almost empty prairies to get our minds around the idea of a city that has within itself most of what is the world.

When you consider that New York City has as many Italians as all of Sicily, as many Jews as live in Israel, it is completely reasonable that it should have a huge Chinatown.

Ben Checkowy has put his camera to work in the twilight markets of this section of the great city and

shares with us these remarkable scenes.

A few years ago while visiting San Francisco at the end of the day, businesses all over the city were closed people were on their way home from work at the end of the day and Chinatown was just coming to life.

The nature of Chinese cooking depends upon fresh food and so the evening meal is bought after work, so that's when the stores swing into high gear.