Parkland Photography Club - September 26, 2000

Nipawin - September 30, 2000 - By Gerald Crawford
Six members and one guest turned out for our September meeting, on the 26th. Welcome to Wes Swan, from the Nipawin Club, also representing Prairie Region for Photographic Arts.
The business part of the meeting didn‚t take too long; it consisted of reading some correspondence and the Treasurer‚s Report. Memberships were brought up to date, also.
Since becoming associated with PRPA and CAPA, we get a lot of correspondence from those associations, most of it to do with upcoming competitions. If you wish to enter contests, contact Darlene - she has all the details.
Malcolm Salmond found he was being torn in two directions, as he is also on the board of the Doghide River Festival, and their meetings are on the same nights as ours. It was decided that we would change our meeting nights to the third Tuesday of each month. Malcolm said that would suit him perfectly, so mark your calendars accordingly.
For the theme shoot, we had seven entries, one from each person, including our guest. That must be one for the record books! First went to Mary Wright for her photo of a child crossing a very rusty stream on a log. Runners-up were Harry Bourne‚s photo of a rusty old wheel on a lawn, and Verna Rowley‚s portrait of Rusty, the cat.
The Challenge for this meeting was for each member to bring his or her favorite photo of the summer, and to explain why he or she liked it. That kept us busy for awhile. It's easy enough to like a photo; it's not always easy to explain to someone else why you like it.
Another assignment was to bring photos taken at our June field trip, which was a riverboat ride on the Saskatchewan River. Only Darlene and Harry had brought theirs, so we will ask the rest to bring theirs to the October meeting.
Wes Swan showed us some photos taken when he attended the PRPA Annual Outing at Calgary last spring. Most were mountain scenes, notably Emerald Lake, but there were some prairie scenes making good use of black skies and bright evening sun.
Several of us had brought new enlargements for the Club's display stand, which has been on continuous display at Crawford's Studios, Tisdale. They were labelled and hung on the display stand. Those who have not yet brought fresh photos, please do so! Malcolm says sometimes someone will ask if a particular picture is for sale; he suggests we mark a selling price on the label.
It is time to start thinking about that slide film each member is to use this fall for our November meeting. If you hurry, you may be able to catch some fall color. We also need lots of new slides for the Club's slide show, and November will be the deadline.

For our next meeting, October 17th, Darlene is going to show us the photos she took on her recent trip to England. Those members who did not bring their field trip photos to our September meeting will please bring them to the October meeting. The theme will be "It Shouldn't Have Happened", and I can hardly wait to see the results! That should give us lots to do at the October meeting.


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