Parkland Photography Club - November 21, 2000

Tisdale - November 23, 2000 - by: Gerald Crawford
Six members plus one new member turned out for the November 21st meeting of Parkland Photography Club. A warm welcome to Warren Swaney of Tisdale.
Darlene drew attention to an article in the November edition of "f-16", the newsletter of the Regina Photo Club. The article was authored by Larry Easton and discussed the Basic Elements of Composition. A very worth-while article.
Our Club had been asked to host the Annual Outing for the Prairie Region of Photographic Arts in 2002. We declined, thinking it was too big a project for a small club to handle.
Tibby was under the weather and unable to attend, but sent word that the Doghide Festival Committee is planning a theme for their spring festival around small villages of the area. We don't know what form it will take as yet, so suggest you check your shoe boxes for photos that would complement the theme.
It was decided to renew our membership in CAPA so that we may take advantage of their publications and contests.
For this meeting, each member was asked to bring a photographic tip. Doreen started with two tips: First, on taking family photos:
  1. Avoid poses, catch people when they are relaxed

  2. Use a zoom lens so you can stand back.

  3. Watch for details, such as cluttered or distracting backgrounds.

  4. Beware of light - bright sunlight is harsh and unflattering.

  5. Take two or three shots of the same person.

  6. Get the whole picture. Don't cut off heads or feet.
Doreen also demonstrated a method of protecting the camera in wet conditions by passing the camera strap through a hole in a zip-lock bag so the camera is inside the bag until you want to take a photo.
Jerry's tip had to do with storing photos. He showed an old "Magnetic" album in which the photos had bonded to the "magnetic" strips and could not be removed. In summary, cool, dry and dark.
Jenny brought an ingenious cropping guide for photos. It consisted of a sheet of heavy paper in an open-ended envelope of the same paper. An opening the size of a photograph was cut through both at an angle so that when the center sheet was moved one way or another, the size of the opening changed without changing the proportions.
Mary's tip was suggestions for taking photos of game after a successful hunt.
  1. Use fine-grained film such as ASA100 so enlargements can be made.

  2. The background should be natural to the game.

  3. For antler shots, the background should be plain.

  4. Mounted animal heads should be taken from the animal's eye level.

  5. Fish should be wet; no fingers in eyes or gills.

  6. Dead animals such as deer: place glass disks over the eyes to avoid green eyes.
Darlene's tip had to do with keeping films in order when a number have been taken, such as on a trip. Before she leaves, she puts a paper sticker on each film canister. As she loads the film, she marks a consecutive number on the sticker. When she has the film processed, she asks that the canister number be written on the envelope the photos come back in.

Harry brought two pages of tips on photographing the Aurora Borealis; very timely, as members have been challenged to take some northern lights pictures and bring the results to the April meeting.

Tibby sent a tip, suggesting that each photo taken should be recorded in a notebook, with details of the subject, equipment used, and exposure details. When looking at photos for the first time, one can check back in the notebook and know what worked, and what not to do next time.

For the theme shoot, we had seven prints entered, since Tibby had sent her entry with Darlene. First went to Jenny Fritshaw for her photo of a spruce trunk. Second was Tibby's photo of very rough waters at Niagara Falls; and runners up were Darlene's photo of a green ash trunk, and Harry's photo of a pile of rough lumber.

Thanks to Darlene for the lovely lunch!

Tibby had challenged members to try a slide film, and to bring the eight best to this meeting. Tibby, Darlene and Jerry each had eight, so those were viewed and discussed.Darlene had one full tray of slides for the Club's Slide Show, and these were projected and discussed.

Darlene urged any who hadn't contributed to bring some slides to the next meeting; she likes to have two full trays (160 slides) when taking the slide show to senior's residences, etc.

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