Parkland Photography Club - October 17, 2000

Tisdale - October 17, 2000 - By Gerald Crawford
October 17th was Parkland Photography Club's first meeting on the new time schedule the third Tuesday of each month and six members showed up.
Old business, new business, and correspondence were dealt with quickly, and we got on with the show.
Doreen presented Harry Bourne with his Bronze Merit Medal.

The theme for this meeting was: "It Shouldn't Have Happened" and five prints were entered.

First went to Doreen Crawford for her photo of a carton of eggs broken on the floor. (Believe it or not, we had those eggs for supper scrambled!)

Runners up were Tibby Frazer's photo of a woman with a badly bruised face, a result of a trip when dismounting from a bus, and Harry Bourne's photo of the old UGG elevator in Wynyard being torn down. The main part of the elevator is still standing, but the annex is lying on its side.

Doreen and Jerry Crawford and Tibby Frazer had each brought photos taken on our field trip boat ride last June, so these were shown and discussed.

Darlene McCullough and Jerry Crawford brought the slides they intend entering in the PRPA slide contests, and these were projected and discussed.

After a delicious lunch courtesy of Tibby Frazer, Darlene showed us a selection of photos taken on her trip to Britain last June. Some were taken in downtown London, and Darlene tells us she had to get up quite early in the morning to get those.
Once the business day gets started, traffic is impossible, moving at an average speed of two to four miles per hour. Stopping for photos is out of the question. Darlene's host and guide in Britain is a photographer, and he had scheduled visits to various places for times when the sun would be right. Darlene says they had lots of sun and warm weather, and very little rain. It appears Darlene's friend does not hold a grudge; when he was her guest here last year, she got them stranded out on Lac LaRonge. They got a bad sunburn, and spent a very cold night in a small aluminum boat!
For next month: Meeting night is Tuesday, November 21st.
Theme for the meeting is "Rough".

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