Parkland Photography Club Hold Their October Meeting

FTLComm - Tisdale - October 28, 1998

Meeting in the dramatic setting of Crawford's studio members of the Parkland Photography club held their monthly meeting. First looking over various traveling exhibitions of slides from the other photography clubs in the three prairie provinces then sharing with each other their summer pictures the club members were able to talk about the technical and conceptual as they looked at each other's work. Each meeting involves a contest of bring a photo that centres on a theme then voting on the one that hits the target was both funny and engaging. The technical level of the work presented by members of this association is remarkable and the subject matter is remarkably wide in its scope. We hope to have contributions in Ensign of some of the work of club members in the future and you also will get a chance to see the fabulous work they are doing.

Below is a QuickTime VR panorama of the group as they were seating to view slides and images at the Tuesday night meeting. (If you do not get an image below download QuickTime 3.0 as it easily installs into your computer giving it enhanced image handling capability)