Parkland Photography Club - September, 2001

Tisdale - September 28, 2001 - by: Gerald Crawford
Parkland Photography Club held its first meeting of the Club year on September 25th, with eight members and four guests present. A warm welcome is extended to Alan Caithcart of Tisdale, Alie and Glen Neish of Naicam, and Adam Neish of Tisdale. We hope to see more of you!
Darlene brought us up to date on correspondence received over the summer, slides and prints needed for Club displays and for contests, etc.
Harry showed us a collage he had made of twelve photos taken of a robin family. Harry had made a blind close to a nest he found in a wrecked car body. He followed the family through laying the eggs, feeding the young, cleaning out the nest, and finally of the young ones ready to fly. First requirement for that type of photography is patience; Harry estimates he spent an average of two hours in the blind for each photo in the collage. It was a beautiful piece of work, mounted on a backing board and covered with a sheet of glass. We asked Harry to put it on display at Doghide River Festival next spring.

Darlene, too, had been keeping an eye on the birds; in her case, hummingbirds. She had found a nest on the top of one of her neighbor’s patio lights, and photographed the parents on the nest, the eggs, and then the babies. Because the light was close to the soffit, for the photos of the eggs and the babies, she had to tip the nest with one hand and take the picture with the other; the babies, of course, huddled into a ball so weren’t too visible. Marvelous work!
Several members had brought photos taken at our June field trip and these were projected — there must have been twenty-five or thirty of them.
We had seven entries for our Theme Shoot, one slide and six photos. The theme was “Bugs” and Harry Bourne won first for his photo of a bunch of potato bugs on potato leaves (and he should have had a special award for the story about how he got the photo!). Doreen Crawford won second for her photo of a dead fly, a telegrapher’s bug, and a computer bug all lined up in a row. Third prize went to guest Alie Neish (top of page) for her photo of a beautiful red lily with a white spider on one petal.
Adam Neish brought in an album of photos taken on a trip to Churchill this past summer, and we admired them during lunch.
Darlene drew a PRPA project to our attention — a print circuit. One applies to join a circuit, and receives a binder with one or more prints enclosed. There is a critique sheet for each print; the individual is asked to do a detailed critique of any prints in the binder when he or she receives it, enclose a new print, and send it on to the next name on the list. When the binder is full (eight or ten entries), it is re-circulated. This time, you get to see and critique the prints that were added after yours, and to take out your entry and the critique sheet. We Swan said there could be several circuits going at the same time; he thought there might be on for smaller prints, and one for slides. Seemed like a wonderful idea to us!
Several of us are into using a computer to manipulate photos, and the question was raised if there should be a separate Theme shoot for computer-enhanced pictures. It was decided to leave it alone for the time being, but most members would like to see demos of computer work — the original and the final result.
Next meeting will be October 30th, 7 PM at Fairlight Studio and Gallery (Formerly Crawford’s Studios).

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