Tisdale Airforce

Tisdale's airport is home to two historical warbirds that have left their mark on the aviation world of the prairies. The Harvard above made by Canada Car licenced from North American and also known in the United States as the T6-Texan, or the Navy SNJ served at Moose Jaw training pilots for the Commonwealth. It is seen here having its annual done. This machine is completely in original condition and is seen in the paint scheme it wore when it retired from the Big Two squadron in Moose Jaw making way for the Tutor. If you visited Moose Jaw during the late 40s, 50s and early 60s you saw this plane and others like it working up the prairie sky.
Struggling along with less then 600 horse power the Harvard was a rather unforgiving bird, but built with the kind of strength needed for developing pilot after pilot. In 1956 one of these went through the side of a CP Northstar over Moose Jaw's North Hill (no survivors). Taxi this one out on the runway, take off, make a circuit or two, and you have used up a barrel of fuel. Needless to say this bird sees little air time, but is in top notch flying condition seen here getting its "C of A".
This shows off the Pratt and Whitney radial. Here we see the carb and control systems for the engine.

This is the office of the Harvard looking just as it did when in regular military training service.

Below is a perfect example of a Gypsy Major powered Dehaviland Chipmunk made in Canada and served at Portage La Prairie until its retirement in the seventies. This version differs from the British one with its bubble canopy.
The two pictures above are the cockpit and panel of a Dehaviland Chipmunk.
This beautiful example seen with its proud owner is completely stock and in its paint scheme when it was retired. The aircraft is all metal fuselage with fabric on wings and control surfaces.