GPS spraying

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, July 22, 2004

The relentless pace of technology has been with us for as long as someone discovered fire. Each new thing, or each application or modification of technology alters the way things are done.

This year the local spray plane operation replaced their aircraft with one fitted with a Global Position Satellite system (GPS). Over a decade ago the US military installed a series of small satellites that make their way around the planet with
extreme precision broadcasting a timed signal. With a simple computer and programme these signals can identify a place on the globe with remarkable precision, in this particular case within one metre.

This kind of equipment has been available for some time and earlier this year we showed you surveyors using this system to accurately measure lots here in Tisdale.

So that chemicals are not wasted and the field is covered property either by a ground based sprayer or one in the air it has always been necessary to mark each sweep. Now that chore is automated. The pilot or sprayer operator using a similar devise on the ground merely keeps his eye on the set of display lights mounted out in front of him or her. The pilot or sprayer operator can devote full attention to their machine or the task of flying and a quick glance at the guidance system will line their machine up for a perfect pass every time.

The antenna above the cockpit receives the timed signals and the system's computer sorts out position, direction and way points to display on the light system and advise the pilot as to course. The system takes into account speed and the type of work being done.

Timothy W. Shire

Reference :
Satloc Litestar


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