SACE: Macintosh, This Past School Year

November 18, 1998
By : Timothy W. Shire

This article consists of a presentation created for Computer Educators who were in attendance at the Saskatchewan Association of Computer Educators (SACE) held November 12, 13 and 14 in Saskatoon at the Bessborough Hotel.

This article is also an experiment in moving a live computer based presentation to the web. The graphics in the presentation are extra ordinarily simple, designed to have impact and structure the commentary. The original material was created in HyperCard then assembled here in HTML with addition of sound to give you the impression of being present at a live presentation. All of the sound is in the form of "PureVoice" using Quicktime 3, without this in your computer you will not hear the vocal comments which are designed to stream into your computer without having to download completely before it begins to play.

To navigate through the presentation click on the various signs that will take you to cards on that topic and to go on to the next topic click on areas toward the right of the screen. To reverse the order or go backward the signs to the left of the screen are more likely to move you backward.

I would enjoy
hearing from you not only about the content in the presentation but also about the process.

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