So, What can we expect?

FTLComm - Melfort - June 8, 1998

The old joke goes like this, an elderly and revered aboriginal elder who was known for his wisdom and experience was asked what kind of winter could be expected and he replied that the winter would be cold and long. The reporter asked why he had drawn that conclusion and he pointed out that the white man had made really big wood piles this year. Using this wisdom one wonders what we should expect for this years crop and we must surmise, things look pretty good. The metal bins are being assembled in big numbers and are being readied for the expected harvest. This is one of several stock piles of bins in the Melfort area.
Through out the whole area the application of herbicides is in full swing, this machine was working just West of Melfort this afternoon on a field of peas.

Below a sailor's delight sky graced the early evening at Tisdale. Environment Canada is predicting scattered showers tomorrow morning and in the North perhaps even some tonight.

The countryside is clearly in need of precipitation. The last El Nimo year, 1983, we experienced a very dry May, June and July then precipitation finally began to wet things down in August. This year's El Nimo was much more powerful and produced a much earlier spring and subsequent dry season, but this one is receding at the same rate and doing so earlier then in 1983, so we are going on record as suggesting that the dry period will conclude just as early as this spring began and we should expect reasonable and close to normal precipitation levels for July and August. However, the climatic conditions created by this strong Pacific current has disturbed the normal Northern Gulf of Alaska currents causing the stationary low to shift further South and this will produce some unusually powerful summer storms.

Predicting the weather is a dangerous and perhaps foolish thing to do but we would like to hear what you think nature has in store for us all. Send us your opinions and we will put them in the letters section of Ensign.