FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Bruce Schapansky was about to turn the auction booth truck around for the last row of vehicles in his sale yesterday afternoon when the scene to the West (above) began to take on a definitely dirty look to it and then to the North (right) this is what we saw only from the uplift (air rushing virtically upward causing the bumpy bottom on the cloud) came shafts of lightning snaking blue white at the countryside North of town. Bruce picked up his pace a little hoping to get through the

end of his sale before the rain came. He didn't make it, half way down the row the light spray turned to droplets and the remainder of the crowded headed for their cars.

A few minutes later the rain let up as I headed toward the front gate past the lady checking outgoing purchases but by then the clouds were like cars at the bottom of a roller coaster as they scooted by from the North West almost touching the ground. All in all this performance went on for most of the evening leaving us with two tens of an inch.