FTLComm - Prince Albert - Tuesday, June 4, 2002

To a parched land even the thought of a shower is enough to get the spirits up but we have had so much disappointment lately that I was reluctant to even entertain the idea. West of Kinistino the scene at right was this curtain and I immediately turned of the car's ventilation system as it looked like smoke. Actually it was but in combination with a shower as seen from the top of the hill above.

The windshield wipers unused in a very long time were used as I came closer to Prince Albert and this scene above over a wet parking lot was cheerful rather than one would normally associate with ten degree temperatures and overcast sky.

Cells continued to move over head but with the low temperature there was no storm activity just a splash. Streets were dampened, sidewalks rinsed and the air smelled much better with a touch of humidity.

Looking up into the sky this is the underside of a mild rain cloud with the air rising vertically into the cell taking with it moisture to be condensed and fall soon as rain.

Lumpy cloud bottoms like this indicate a great deal of vertical movement and with warmer temperatures will produce violent storms.

The whole of this part of the province got a little splash, enough to encourage the grass and perhaps germinate a seed or two.