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Rambler Trade Show 2016
April 20, 2016
by:Timothy W. Shire
For my partner and I going, to the Rambler Trade Show is a sort of pilgrimage, I lack enthusiasm for the horsing around of a rodeo, but enjoy the general confusion of the trade show. Each and every year we go on Saturday with my two goals, number one is get a Co-op hot dog, or smokey and number two, to catch some interesting pictures. Some years I have captured some video to document the event, but this year I stuck to stills and there are twenty-six of them in “the pictures” part of this page.

The general impression this year from the time we set about finding a parking place to entering the RECPlex is that it looked like a bigger crowd than most years. Then as we entered the main entrance the familiar annual aroma of horse swept over me and huge about in every corner of the trade show.

The main lobby of the RECPlex was crowded with people milling around and of course visiting and conversations filled the air.

The auditorium displays were similar to other years with no sign of politicians this year and fewer financial services than usual. But, in general things were interesting and there were lots of people.

It was a bit of choke to get into and out of the curling area as the entrances accommodate only one person at a time and there was actually a line up to get into and out of the curling area. After a few preliminaries lookabouts I made it to the Co-op booth to get my hot dog. No smokies this year just skinny hot dogs with which I was able to decorate my vest and camera with mustard.

In general the displays in the curling area were excellent and again there were lots of people and not nearly enough pie. Other years there have been at least one booth selling pie, but no sign of that this year.

The Ramblers deserve a lot of credit in pulling off this Trade Show and Rodeo each year as it is a real credit to the community.

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