Rambler Rodeo Sponsors for 1999

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 23, 1999
One of the enjoyable chores that is carried out by Faster Than Light Communications is doing the programmes for the Tisdale Ramblers. During the playoffs each year the Ramblers like to feature their Rodeo sponsors on the programmes to show their appreciation for the help they get from community businesses. Eight sponsors each have gates for the rodeo completitions while twenty others sponsor the various events in the Rodeo.

We can only print these ads up in black and white for the programmes but would like to share with you them in full colour on this page. Shiltroth Enperprises Ltd. ad is the only one missing, I will get it later this week.

These are the Major sponsors for the Ramblers Rodeo, Below are the Event sponsors.



Schiltroth Enterprises Ltd.