Not Just a holiday
FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Both we in Canada and the folks in the United States of America take a weekend out of our year and set it aside to consider our good fortunes, a family celebration for most North Americans to reflect upon the positive things in their lives. There is of course the natural inclination for most people to look upon their lives and the material things in life and emphasis that aspect, but as we grow older, we are far more likely to realise that Thanksgiving is far


broader a concept, as we can spot the bounty of our land, our ability to appreciate that good fortune and reflect upon our health, the strength of our relationships and the underlying liberating power of our family structure, that gives us hope and purpose to our lives.

I thought it remarkably good timing for the provincial government to mark this year's Thanksgiving by announcing an increase in


the minimum wage, I wish that the announcement had been high and earlier but at least it is progress for the thousands of Saskatchewan folks who have MacJobs.

One thing I would like you to think about this Thanksgiving is something we take so much for granted and that is our open political system. We could have both a provincial and a federal election this fall or early winter and might have to endure endless campaigns and threats of dire circumstances if this, or that party, moves to, or remains in power, but ultimately, we know that votes will be cast and votes counted and life will go on. Our political system, won bit by bit over the centuries, has brought us to this time when we understand that we can freely vote and decide upon who we want to govern and that is a very good thing.

So as you savour this year's turkey, smack your lips on this year's pumpkin pie and enjoy the richness of spending the weekend with your sons and daughters, perhaps grand daughters as well, think about the wonder of it all and appreciate these moments as you and yours enjoy Thanksgiving 2007.

Timothy W. Shire

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