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FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It is really unseemly the way the Prime Minister and his fellow Conservatives are behaving, The facts of the matter are simple, if you have a minority government, you can get defeated, if you do not include the views of some of your opponents. When you go it alone, or try to play petty politics in a minority situation, the results are straight-forward and you get voted out of office. Aw-shucks!

There is no need to start calling everyone who opposes you as unpatriotic, or worse, you just have to suck it up and recognise the reality that you are no longer, the master of your fate.

The howls of outrage from Conservatives in Alberta and in Ottawa suggest that these people are a long long way from grown ups. They do not understand the game and certainly have no concept of sportsmanship, or proper decorum.

During the last few days you would think the Prime Minister was being held in Guantanamo Bay and tortured by Americans. He has lashed out with such savagery and you can bet broke laws attempting to bribe Liberal MPs, he did that before with the late Chuck Cadmen and then he was trying to bring down the government, now in office, imagine the lengths this guy will go to, to cling to power, even when it is completely clear, that the trigger has been pulled.

The cowardly attempt to recess parliament for almost two months is plainly grotesque in its lack of maturity and in ability to act in a proper adult manner.

Here is what former Progressive Conservative member of Parliament for Niagara, Joe Hueglin has to say about the situation :

Individual Members of Parliament are elected in Canada. There are many reasons affecting individuals choices other than who they'd have as Prime Minister.

When those elected take their seats in the House of Commons they determine by majority vote who has their confidence, who will be appointed First Minister to the Governor General.

Canadians do not elect a President for a four year term of office. Canada's Prime Ministers must continue to have the confidence of the majority of Members of the House of Commons.

The first concrete action of the current minority government was placing acts negatively affecting public servants and opposition parties before the House, not how to deal with the economic crisis.

That these proposals have been withdrawn is irrelevant. The intent, not of seeking to end the dysfunction stated as the cause of the recent election but rather exacerbating it, has resulted in all the opposition parties agreeing to work together to deal with the economic challenges faces our country. They have done so because the Harper government by its actions lost their

In laying out his plans last week the Finance Minister did not "address the global economic crisis." To suggest that " the new socialist-separatist driven coalition is an attack on Canada itself.", that a majority of the Members of the House of Commons would act against the economic interests of Canada in this time of crisis is nonsensical.

The is no usurpation in progress. Faced with an obdurate Prime Minister unwilling to seek co-operation the Liberals, Bloc and NDP have agreed to bury their differences, to work collectively as did the Unionists during The Great War.

It is to be hoped reason rather than rhetoric prevails and the Governor General seeks the will of the Commons as to who has the support of its majority.

Every Canadian, from every part of this country can go to bed and get up each day, knowing full well that should they become sick, or injured, they will not be ruined financially, but can seek medical treatment without financial fear, because we Canadians have universal Medicare. Now for those of you who have forgotten, or are to young to know what it was like before this programme was introduced, it was brought about when the New Democratic Party held the balance of power in parliament and the Liberal prime minister of the day, Pierre Elliott Trudeau introduced the programme as part of the Just Society. Had there been a majority government, we in all likelihood, would still be like out unfortunate and backward neighbours to the south.

It is completely Canadian to seek compromise and work out solutions that benefit everyone, instead of building a society based on privileges for the few who can afford, or live in a blessed part of the country. Much can be gained by having a collaborative give and take government and the proposed coalition is by its very design, both a Canadian way of doing things, but it is also a positive way of creating greater good.

The Prime Minister wants to modify Canada and its parliamentary system into something far more American with fixed election dates and winner take all elections. Below, is his statement on the current state of affairs from the Conservative web site and notice how different it is from those thoughts expressed by Joe Hueglin.

Two months ago Canadians voted in a general election. They made a clear choice.

Stephen Harper was given a strengthened governing mandate to address the global economic crisis.

Canadians did not give Stéphane Dion a mandate to lead Canada. He was personally rejected by voters just as he was subsequently personally rejected by his party.

Nor did Canadians give the Liberals a mandate to form a coalition with the NDP. In fact, the Liberals explicitly promised there would be no coalition with the NDP.

And they certainly did not give either the Liberals or the NDP a mandate to govern with the Separatists, the very people who want to destroy Canada.

Yet, yesterday, in a shocking display of undemocratic arrogance, a socialist-separatist driven coalition announced that they will try to overturn the results of the election and seize power without first going back to the voters.

The new socialist-separatist driven coalition is an attack on Canada’s democracy as the proposed leader of this unelected, illegitimate, coalition remains Stéphane Dion, whom Canadians would still reject as Prime Minister were another election held today.

The new socialist-separatist coalition is an attack on Canada’s economy – as it would empower NDP – whose discredited left-wing ideology is so risky that even the Liberals call it “economically damaging”.

And the new socialist-separatist driven coalition is an attack on Canada itself. For no responsible national leader would ever give power to a group that wants to destroy one of the most peaceful and prosperous nations ever to have existed.

It is time for Canadians to stand up against backroom deals that would usurp the elected government without the people’s consent.

It is time for Canadians to stand up against coalitions with discredited socialists that would put our economy at risk.

It is time for Canadians stand up against alliances that would provide a veto to the separatists who would destroy our country.

It’s time to Stand up for Canada.

It’s time to Let the people speak.

I would suggest to you that this statement above, verges on the pathetic, the political concepts talked about in this statement are really un Canadian in nature and hardly worth discussing as the government and its members use their ideological slurs; socialist, left wing, separatist as though these are some horrible sinful things. What makes this really remarkable is that the Prime Minister himself can be quoted from his own writings as an Alberta Separatist, who believed that Alberta needed to build a "firewall" to counter the government of Ottawa. The the laughable disgust at socialism is just beyond belief, when we see governments in Canada and the United States more than willing to prop up private business, the very definition of socialism.

These are interesting time, in a discussion recently with a member of the Federal Conservative policy committee, I said quite seriously, that Conservatives act as though they are mentally challenged. Clearly, this is an unfair criticism, but the way the Conservative politicians are raving this week gives this concept some credibility. They did not win the last two elections, they have no mandate other than what is given them in the House of Commons, they are a minority, which by definition means that most voters voted for somebody else. These are simple facts, but yet incomprehensible to the Prime Minister and his followers, that would seem to me as more than a bit stupid.

Timothy W. Shire

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