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February flourish
February 12, 2015
by: Timothy W. Shire
Ensign did not post last week, sorry about that. I don’t want to burden you with a bunch of computer details, but there was a combination of new system, old hardware and some nasty “adware” to contend with. I began sorting out the problems on my Mac Mini back in early December and have been stumbling along ever since. Yosemite is pushing the limit of this Mini and there are new versions of the various apps I use to also contend with. I would like to report that the issues are resolved, but alas, things have improved, but I suspect replacement is on the horizon.

While I am mentioning computer technology there are a couple of developments of interest to Mac users. If you would like to use PhotoShop but can’t afford the ridiculous price, there is a new contender out there. It is called Affinity Photo and does pretty much everything PhotoShop does and perhaps more. It’s beta version is available free to download and when it is finished, it will sell for under $60.

How we forget each year that February is the time for a little weather. Things change quickly and just driving around Tisdale the build up of snow is quite remarkable.

Tisdale’s new Dairy Queen is open and it is absolutely stunning. Truly an addition to the community, enhancing the already excellent dining experience available. There is another excellent rumour that
Mr. Ribs which had to close due to the demolition of the mall, is in the process of readying the old coffee shop downtown and is expected to open soon.

Gosh I can’t just let you go without some political stuff; there was considerable surprise last week with John Baird resigning from the cabinet. Actually, the word now is that at 45 he seen the writing on the wall and wants to avoid being a part of the coming disaster of the election of 2015.

This week’s surprise was the controversial
Eve Adams joining the Liberals and seeking nomination to run against the finance minister in the coming election. This was a rather complex plot. She and Mr. “Bossman” Harper do not see eye to eye and she was told that she could not run as a conservative. Her spouse, the former press spokesman for Mr. Harper went to the Liberals with a package deal two weeks ago. Eve runs as a Liberal and he and his secrets runs her campaign and what he knows is available. Sounds a bit soap opera, but, indeed that’s Ottawa.