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FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It surprised me today when I stepped outside and there was a hint of snow along the edge of the walk and the puddle in front of the driveway was frozen, but it shouldn't have, a quick look in the weather log shows that this is pretty normal weather for this time of the year. Tomorrow will be similar and in 2001 it was -6ºC so that's just the way it is.

The North Korean nuclear test this last weekend is getting a lot of attention but its like the temperature today, it is the way it is. The war that took place between UN forces in 1950 is still unresolved,


Chinese backed North Korean forces fought the US lead force, that included some Canadians to a deadlock and since then the US has 80,000 soldiers along the DMZ. At the time the US president fired the head of the forces in Korea because he wanted to use nuclear weapons on the North Koreans. It was not just idyll chit chat the Americans lead by Douglas McArthur and head of the air force at the time, General Curtis Lemay wanted to slaughter the Reds be they in North Korea, China or the USSR because at the time they did not have sufficient nuclear weapons to mount a counter strike. Eisenhower wisely decided there had been enough war and fired McArthur.


But think about it, if you were the embattled country of North Korea with 80,000 US forces on your border and their President referring to your country as part of the axis of evil wouldn't you have pushed ahead with developing a nuclear weapon. The moronic ranting of the US president has consequences and North Korea becoming nuclear capable is one of those consequences.

The harsh north wind is a bitter reality of life in our part of the world. We have to put on warm clothes and insulate our houses, North Korea has to do something to confront the demonstrated warmonger who is in charge of the United States of America.



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