It is an imperfect world

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, October 29, 2004

The facts of life are quite simple, no one sets out deliberately to screw up, it just happens. Most often because of a planning or conceptual error of some sort but the reason is rarely important because the result is the thing, the only thing that anyone will notice.

On Wednesday I stood admiring the old facade of the Imperial Bank that once faced Scarth Street between Eleventh and Railway, it was on the west side of the street and right beside it was the Richardson building. That was the last place I remember seeing a newsboy. Most people who read this will not remember what a newsboy was, but before there were automated newspaper vending machines, there were street kids who stood with a stack of papers behind them and a few under one arm and shouted out the day's headlines.
"Read all about it, Ross Thatcher crosses the floor to join the Liberals" They were always pretty dirty and I couldn't figure how they avoided having to attend school because Saskatchewan had its attendance act a very long time ago.

But that is the distant past, the stone work stands in the Cornwall Centre mall with a nice little sign that tells us that
"every woman needs a little black dress." Nice sign but for a simpleton like me that just leads to the question, "why?"

I liked the scene and clicked off an image. The next morning I looked at the image and thought I should check out that web site that the banner proclaims, alas the web site is not functional. That tells you volumes, a carefully crafted sign set before a nice architectural piece that is totally meaningless. You see, it is an imperfect world.

The rhetoric and the actions of the Islamic fanatics are matched word for word and measure for measure by those who like to refer to themselves as Christians. I think I feel a lot like the people of the Islamic faith who share the shame of the radicals who are now in the midst of a
"jihad." The other day there was a news story that reports that the American adventure in the Middle East has resulted in 100,000 civilians casualties at this point. I am now pretty certain why my feelings towards churches and those who support them are becoming seriously negative. What is being done in the name of "Allah" and "God" is definite proof of some serious misalignment of reality.

But I must tell myself, it is an imperfect world. Things screw up, small things like my ink jet printer and big things like the most powerful military power in the world. I must redirect my thinking and not tar all
"Christians" with the Bush brush, just as I must ask others not to dub all Moslems with the Osama taint. It is an imperfect world.

Timothy W. Shire


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