Vampire Power : or What does long in the tooth have to do with it?
FTLComm - Tisdale - June 16, 2000


The pressure and uncertainty of war has always created throughout time a crescendo of procreativity. The madness and carnage of the First World War resulted in a baby boom that extended from the beginning of the conflict and for a decade after armistice. The children of that era were, as they faced adulthood plunged into yet another world war and we the "Boomers" were the result.

A generation of children who came on the scene during and for the decade proceeding after the war that overwhelmed every social condition, schools, hospitals, universities, the job market, housing and soon old age and retirement housing. Each element of the society has been affected as this monster wave of people rumbled through their time on this planet.

long past the time we will
be appreciated

But unlike any other surge in population the baby boom of the late forties and early fifties came along as technological and medical history was in the making. Though many of us will live normal life spans, it is likely that we will live, as a group, long past the time we will be appreciated. Only this week we heard the head of SGI lamenting that seniors claim for injuries in car accidents and you can bet the review of Medicare is going to point the finger at the aging population and claim that we are the cause of the financial difficulties being experienced.

more troublesome

But being popular has never been what we baby boomers have been about. As a group we are better educated, more skilled and more troublesome than any other segment of society. As teenagers we set the standard for misbehaviour and rebellion. The young people of today are such pale imitations of the ban-the bomb, off the wall cyntillating sixties generation. But we aint finished yet folks!


The baby boomers, now into their fifties, are rapidly joining the ranks of the retired. We are going to become the best trained and educated bunch of layabouts ever and though we will continue to indulge ourselves in travel, technology and leisure life we also have something that our society and the future could badly use. Vampire power.

begin solving some problems

You have heard the phrase "long in the tooth" it refers to the inclination of the gums of older folks to recede slightly giving the appearance of having longer teeth. It is merely a normal sign of aging. Well those who are getting long in the tooth are also capable and inordinately prepared to meet some of today's challenges. I firmly believe the time has come for us older folks to begin solving some problems. The legend of vampires relates to these living dead individuals having reached a level of immortality can pursue life (at least at night) with their accumulated wisdom of what would be several life times of knowledge and experience. With these abilities they (if they were to exist) could dominate a society economically and certainly intellectually.

accomplish things considered impossible

One of the reasons for the prolonged childhood of humans is that with the use of language and longer life spans they can handle more than other life forms. By being able to read and write the human species has been able to leap over the generational gap of having to re-experience all of life's pitfall generation after generation and move on. My contention here is that the baby boom generation, because they are likely to live longer and are so numerous that they, if they chose to work together, could accomplish things considered impossible. Among them there are likely more Einsteins, Mozarts and Isaac Newtons then have ever lived, all living and breathing right now.

"Like, let's change things man!"

Each year in small and big communities alike there is a growing number of college educated, experienced individuals leaving the working world and joining the silent world of the retired. I am suggesting that the time has come for "Radicals of the Retired Unite", or "Heah, Heah, LBJ how many problems have you solved today?" Let us get off our intellectual butts and do what we set out to do in the first place. When I went to college in sixty-two we were going to change the world, we had a shot at it but things got tight, we had to hold back on "the revolution" to earn a living and look after our own kids. But now, its time to dig out the idealism that made us different and begin once more to alter this crass materialistic society. "power to the people" "Right on!" "Like, let's change things man!"

Timothy W. Shire