Keep to the Right! Now if you are going to move armies numbering hundreds of thousands of soldiers at a time, travel can become a real problem. The turnpikes of the eighteenth century were less then adequate for almost any form of transportation. But, Napoleon needed to move his forces quickly and even a small saving, could mean the advantage in battles. Hedecreed that everyone keep to the right on all roads this moved his forces faster and with less trouble. This probably explains why the English to this day drive on the left hand side of the road, given their deep and abiding dislike of the little Corsican Emperor of France.
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The idea swept the world so that for almost every where you go, vehicles travelling on roads and streets, keep to the right hand side, so that traffic can flow quickly, safely and smoothly along. Even pedestrians have found it is a good idea and sidewalks usually will have people making their way along the right hand side.

So how come this concept did not catch on in Tisdale? Bicyclists, children, adults enjoy complete and utter freedom. If it weren't for the pot holes, cyclist and motor vehicle accidents would be the leading cause of death in the community. If there is a two wheel driver in your household take the time to teach that person their left from their right and encourage navigation on the right hand side of all thoroughfares. Pedestrians walk on roadways facing the traffic (left hand side) so they can step off the roadway to avoid being hit. Cyclists do not stop and move off the road when meeting cars, but tend to push right along on the left or centre of the road.