Rising and Setting

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 23, 1999
No doubt you too have often wonder what it would be like to lose the precious gift of vision and what would you miss most. Every time I think about this the answer comes to me with complete certainty - sunsets and sunrises, one way or another a person can make do, the smell of a flower, the warmth of embrace but a sunset, hmmmmm, to personal to be described and so fleeting that can be missed in a moment or two. The scene above was taken as I reached out of the car and snapped this one and did not realise the van had entered the intersection as I was aiming.

I drove about four miles North last night to get the empty prairie horizon to give the vast expanse of this sky. The picture below was taken this morning at sunrise and the morning light was a so golden and crisp, notice how the birch bark is turned to translucence in this scene.