How Fast?

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, December 11, 2002
This morning was really little different than any other as I made my way down town. This morning I had altered my usual route to pass the Co-op's Christmas trees and this led me to the intersection between the Bank of Montreal and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

As I was waiting for the traffic to pass and make my way to the Post Office a large pickup with a commerical trailer whistled over the tracks from the South and without slowing snapped into the turn on streets covered with fresh ice from a like rain shower in the very early morning, making a left off the main street in Tisdale.

Now many towns in Saskatchewan have similar situations, Wadena, Ituna, Nipawin to name just a few are like Tisdale with a highway slicing down the main thoroughfare of the community. With grain transportation now moved from railroads to highways we have all to contend with "B" trains, either loaded or empty passing through town about every ninety seconds.

The problem is not confined to the North end of town where the average semi waits a couple of blocks to get the speed down below eighty kilometres per hour. The four way stop on the South side of town gates the flow from the South but forty kilometres per hour was established to protect the citizens of the town and if you drive your car at the speed limit either way down this street you will find in seconds that your rearview mirror is full of somebody seriously impatient.

With senior citizens, pedestrians and cyclists moving along this street a "B" train only ten kilometres above the speed limit is seriously jeopardising a lot of people.

This problem is not a police one because you personally can make a major contribution to safety by making sure that you do not let the speed creep up. Your vehicle travelling at the speed limit will provide a solid speed regulation on the ten blocks that make up this small community from end to end.

Timothy W. Shire



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