----Tisdale Lineman
FTLComm - Tisdale - September 11, 2000

It was as predicatable as the first art class of every new school year when the teacher would have us draw a picture of something we did in summer holidays. Well just as certain as a poster for Rememberance Day, and a still life study of a cube and cone, every year my teacher would do a lesson on perspective, usually in the fall and we would all dutifully work out deminishing telephone, telegraph and power poles that vanished into an endless Saskatchewan horizon, usually with at least one grain elevator and I always included in my drawings a railroad track, after all we were a CN family.

Just over a week ago I took these perspective images of large power lines with the low angle of the evening sun and reflected on the infinit.

Our eyes and minds almost alway rebel when we have to look and think of the extension of reality to its extreme limit. I have always been enthusiastically concerned about the phenomena of that which appears to be. but can not be. The marvellous picture on the Pot of Gold chocolates with the lady holding a box with herself on the cover holding the same box and so on and so. The vanishing lines of wires as they visibly grow smaller and the poles get tinier and tinier as they head off to the horizon lead me to take these pictures so that they are framed within each other rather then strung out to nothing. It seemed less threatening and yet we each are faced with the inevitablity of time and space, where we are and where we are not, yet long to be.