Golden Age Centre Digs In

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 26, 2001
This morning Chupa Excavation met with officials of the project and by 10:00 work was underway striping off the turf for the new site of the Golden Age Centre. By noon the main site was cleared as the Chupas got ready to clear around the building in the afternoon.

Today was the removal of sod and the actual footing and basement area will be finished by next Tuesday.

A ceramony to launch the official construction of the site, a sod turned event is planned for next Thursday, a week from today.

The picture above shows the North West end of the building and as you can see this is about the thirty yard line of the old football field and is about the middle of the block. The parkly lot stretches out toward the North East corner.

This picture on the right shows the site looking from the area that will become parking lot toward the building and the West.

The picture below is actually a composite image of four pictures which shows the lay of the building as you look at it from the South end, with the West, South West wall running away from you toward the front end loader parked at the North West corner.