Pot Luck At Golden Age Centre

FTLComm - Tisdale - Saturday, December 1, 2001

This is the first time the Tisdale Golden Age Centre had its external lights on as the senior community celebrated the first major event in their new facility.

More than two hundred had bought tickets ahead of time to attend this afternoon and evening event sponsored by the Lawn Bowling club.

These folks welcome everyone at the door and at the back table a group were on hand with their ongoing fund raising projects.

In the afternoon there was sandwiches, sweets and coffee. When these pictures were taken around 4:30 preparations were underway in the kitchen as the evening pot luck supper was soon to get underway.

Meat balls and pie were being readied while in the game room the table was being laid out with the bread and cold dishes that would soon be overflowing as dishes for the evening meal would soon be place with them.

The crowd filled the main hall and were in excellent spirits as Mrs. Bidwell conducted the afternoon's entertainment and helped as door prizes and draws were held. Click on the picture at the right to hear some clips of one of the afternoon's presentations. This is a QuickTime streaming clip.

With so many people the side door had to be opened to keep the well insulated room from becoming uncomfortably hot.

Music was a big part of the afternoon with several performers and bands on hand to keep the toes taping and smiles on every face. This being the first event of its kind in this new facility it was impressive to see the good planning that had gone into the selection and installation of the public address system as the sound was just exception where every you went in the building. The sound system is clear, not to loud and yet easily heard not only in the main hall but in the games room, kitchen and lobby.