Pre-Raftering The Golden Age Centre

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, July 18, 2001

With the interior walls framed there was high hopes that today the rafters would begin to appear atop the structure. Only the walls for the stage area have yet to be completed but all the other interior framing is completely in place.

At nine this morning the ends were being assembled for the area above the walls.

Yesterday half of the holes were drilled for the heating system which will use this area (above) to the South of the building for its heat sink.

The picture on the right shows the view of the coat check, ticket booth at the main entrance and beyond that the areas for washrooms and the kitchen behind.

By putting all of the interior frames in place prior to the placing of the rafters speeds up the work and makes the whole process easier to accomplish. Surprisingly the interior walls have all been framed with two-by-sixes just as the exterior walls.

This image shows the games room on the South side of the building with its windows.

Below is a view of the whole building looking toward the South from the stage area. This view without a roof is a very temporary one as with in days this building will be closed in.

However, it won't be today. At 10:30 the humid air and light drizzle turned to rain as a large cell came in from the East and work had to end, perhaps for the day.