More Walls

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, July 13, 2001

Finding a spot, preparing the site, putting down cement all seem tedious as one anticipates the assembly of the real thing. As we mentioned on Tuesday the frame construction of the Golden Age Centre is now underway and the building

seems to be springing from the ground. Above are the three first walls as it looked at dawn Thursday, then on the right as it looked at 10:30 this morning, while at the bottom of the page only half an hour later.

The two carpenters working with precision and care have the help of usually six volunteers who handle the materials, anticipate the next

operation and are their with steady experienced hands to make the building almost come to life.

Yesterday's gray skies, though looking foreboding brought nothing more than a spray in the morning and excellent working conditions through the afternoon. With the temperature lower and the glare less intense the first interior walls were assembled and worked into place framing off the main hall area.

The picture below is looking from the North end of the building toward the central kitchen and utility area.

The assembled wall sections are carefully squared up and constructed to fit into their respective location then using the hook are eased up into position.

The use of the simple crane eases the work but also increases the safety as all that is needed is to guide the segments into place then secure them there with temporary supports. Final positioning takes a few whacks here and there to nudge the section into its final position but because things are being build carefully to fit the process is straightforward and went without a hitch as I stood by camera in hand recording this event for you.

The exterior walls are all strapped with one by fours over the plastic cover in readiness for the final metal cladding that will be the final finish to the building.

In this interior wall large supports have been place to support windows and doorways.

With the exception of the two carpenters everyone on the site lived through world war two and some during the dirty thirties yet they propel the work forward showing that experience more than

makes up for what little speed has been lost in the passage of time.

There is no question that this centre is going to fill and important need in Tisdale as the retired and semi-retired folk of the community are healthy and need a vigourous and full social life. Never before has there been such a healthy and capable number of senior citizens in any society.

With the life span having increased more than thirty percent during the life time of the current population of retirement age this segment of society can not only offer more but can live better than

any seniors in history. This outstanding new facility is fittingly being constructed with the help of the vary people who will make use of it and share time with each other in the many years to come.

This pictures shows the scene on the site this morning at 10:30 as the West wall is straightened up being readied for the lower West wall to join it completing the structure on one side and for the first time giving us a look at what the building will look like.

The sequence of pictures on the right shows the process of the lower South West side as it is raised into position and then braced and nailed down.

This sequence took as little as ten minutes from the time the structure was complete and prepared for raising until it was standing as part of the partially completed building.

At eleven this morning looking from the West you can see below the whole building with only a few more wall segments to be constructed and positioned.
Some of these will be finished today but the work will move right along Monday and by mid week the roofing process will be underway.