FTLComm - Tisdale - February 2, 2000

On otheroccasions Ensign has shown examples of people moving about using their own two feet and with icy conditions underfoot we need to be much more aware of this major portion of the community's population.

This town, like most others, is organised around the motor vehicle yet we are seeing more and more concentrated housing being located near the core area of the town placing apartment and condominium owners close to the stores and services. These people are doing this so that they are close to thing and do not need to get a car going just to get the mail.

We are going to have to take this situation into consideration and redesign the "walk ability" of this community. Little attention is being paid to keeping sidewalks and walkways clear of ice and snow. Even in the summer, sidewalking is spotty and in poor condition so that people using appliances like the one at the top of this page need smoother surfaces then the older sidewalks in the downtown area then in the rest of the town most streets have sidewalks only on one side and in many areas no sidewalking at all so that pedestrians have to share the street with puddles cars and school buses.