More Glorious Trees

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, June 7, 2002

Environment Canada announced that this has been the coldest spring in recorded history and most folks would definitely agree with that assessment.

Trees and even weeds have been delayed in their development but as with many things the long wait for the trees to get leaves has been well worth while as we are being rewarded with outstanding displays by the flowering trees.

The one at the top of this page is a close up of the tree below and is found in the yard on the right.

But all over town there are magnificent displays like this one across from the Lions's park or the back yard below across from the Tisdale School Division office.

With yesterday's quarter inch of rain the air was alive with the aroma of trees as I road around town on a bicycle picking up these pictures and for the first time in a long time, mud on my shoes.

Though our drought is far from over as fields and pastures will need a lot more rain to get them into a safe state

we are definitely making progress. I noticed that in the
weather log which each day's weather is recorded for this site that on today's date and the days around us in years past we have also had rain so it would appear this is normal.

I can't get enough of these trees and as more and more begin to show off their blossoms I am going to post them on this site so that next winter we can come back and enjoy the blooms and savour the images of promise.

Timothy W. Shire