Saskatchewan River Still Very High

FTLComm - Saskatoon - July 16, 1998

Though down from its all time summer crest the Saskatchewan River still looks like it needs to go on a diet. Swollen by heavy rains in the Alberta foothills and the Gardner Damn at is maximum Diefenbaker Lake simply needed to let a lot of water go and the result was a very swift flow of water through Saskatoon. In the QuickTime VR Panorama below you can see an island that is usually a great bird refuge but is now almost entirely submerged. The low angle of this picture shot right on the bank of the river, less then three feet above the water does not show the extent of the river but it was really close to getting a ticket for exceeding the speed limit. The city has warned against recreational use of the river the river races scheduled for this week end are expected to go as planned.