FTLComm - Tisdale - December 30, 1999

The Tigers were showing their fangs as they held the Ramblers 1 - 2 in the first period and at the end of the second it was a similar score of 4 - 2. But with only a single goal in the third to the Ramblers five made it a decidedly one side victory for the home town team.

The Ramblers whole roster is now complete with Chad Olson and Al Leblanc on hand after missing the early part of the season. On the ice and off, team captain Luc Simoneau continues to show the team through example superb conduct. Luc has been playing both defense and forward this season with line variations when some players have been away. The trick this year has been to mix the hard working stable veterans with the rookies to established a balance offense and be flexible in penalty killing and maintaining puck control. At the next Rambler game just watch to see the accuracy of Luc's passes and you will not only discover his incredible skill but see also how Lee Morgan has been able to develop this same skill which we have for years come to expect from coach Brad Kirkland.

The league leading Ramblers continue to hone the edge of their scoring plays and refine their lines to the point that putting the puck in the net is becoming pretty automatic. Scott Homstol (on the right) put in three goals and picked up an assist as did Chad Olson with his hat trick and two assists, Brad Kirkland, Jordan Spagrud and Al Leblanc (below) each contributed a goal.

For the Tigers Lynne Taylor picked up a goal in each of the first two periods and Lonny Deobald scored in the third.

Though the scoring was one sided the game was an exciting affair with lots of action as Kinistino were able to keep pace with the full time skating of the Ramblers. In games like this tempers often flare as frustration builds and three fights saw six players retire from the game early.

Tisdale fans as well as a good number from Kinistino were on hand for the game filling the stands. An even bigger crowd is expected on Sunday night when the Warriors from Mistatim will take to the ice.