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Upper right Jeff Faber scores the final Rambler goal of the game but from then on it was all Gronlid / Choiceland Tigers as the Ramblers showed a little early season weariness the young Tigers swarmed the Rambler zone. But throughout the third period Barkley Swenson and the rest of the Ramblers would put together solid offensive plays only to have the Tigers goalie, Trevis Sturby, make some outstanding saves. With a minute left in the game Trevis Sturby left the ice and six excited Tigers attempted to do what they had done the night before with a score of 7 - 6 the game ended with every fan knowing they had been to a great hockey game.

Rambler Manager Bob Price (right) pointed out after the game, that this is the sort of hockey fans can expect this year and he was pleased to see Gronlid come out with a good team this year after last years spotty performance because of lack of players.

Below left is how the Tiger's third goal looked as Luc Simoneau was getting in to help goalie Gil Hudon and defense man Pete McIvoy just out of sight to the right.

The Ramblers take to ice next Sunday night at six against Mistatim which has some players
we are all familiar with. Check out the Rambler's schedule so that you can be a part of this teams march to the championships once again this year. Faster Than Light has produced the programmes for Rambler games for the past two years and we have grown to appreciate and enjoy this mature version of Canada's national sport. Also check out the Ramblers home page, it still has last year's games on it and will soon get updated for this season.