Jan Campbell Memorial Slow Pitch Tournament

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, June 7, 1998
Twelve teams participated in the tournament Sunday afternoon in Tisdale. The sign says it all in describing the cause and the supporting sponsor of the event

The semi final games were in progress around 5:00 as we see Al Jellicoe blast his way to a stand up triple. Al's team the Bookies were playing the Mistatim team at at this point
in the game were leading by two runs.

Luc Simoneau (left) is ready pound one out into the field as he goes out at third but sends his wife home who was on base.

Below Luc's team score another as they close toward evening things up.
The picture on the right was from the other semifinal and as you can see the action was intense. The next batter hit one to the fence then as he reached third was hit on the back of the head with the throw, shaken but conscious the game paused for a moment while he was able to resume play.
The door prize sponsors are listed below:

Kapt-Co, Tisdale Dehy, Beehive Hotel, Crawley's Work Ware, Nyman Plumbing and Heating, Kal Tire, Tri Mid Bulk, John Bob Farm Equipment, Tisdale Curling Club, Four Seasons Greenhouse, Fast Gas, Tisdale Glass, Kramer Tractor Ltd, TSL Computers
All in all it looked like everyone was having a fine time, as friends and family looked on, the concession booth was open and there was a beer garden.

Though the clouds threatened in the late afternoon the day was great for slow pitch ball with the temperature around 22C which is a fine improvement over the chill of this past week.