Tisdale Takes Zone Eight Final

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, June 25, 2001
Shellbrook and Tisdale bantams had agreed to face off in the Zone Eight provincial finals on Sunday but the steady rain through the morning had made the prospects of the game doubtful. But after lunch time the sky broke up the sun came out and thanks to the superior playing surface available it was time to "play ball".
Both teams were pretty evenly matched but that first inning was brutal on Shellbrook as a series of errors and Tisdale smashing the ball at every chance. Without the lopsided first inning, it was an excellent game and would have ended with Tisdale winning three to one but as it was Tisdale took the game ten to one.
Playing conditions for these bantam players were absolutely perfect the infield surface is responsive and predictable and the outfield turf in incredible condition for such a dry year.
With that miserable first inning out of the way the teams looked even with good solid pitching from both teams and managers and base coaches on their toes to encourage and offer the odd suggestion.
But the season is all over for Shellbrook as Tisdale heads down to Assiniboia to continue their pursuit of a Provincial title.