Slo-Pitch Windup Tournament

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, July 28, 2002

The Junior Bookies are at bat as they sock it to the "A"Team as the all day finale of the 2002 Slo-Pitch Windup Tournament was in full high gear this morning just after 10:00.

Using a regular sized softball, the action is fast and furious with singles, doubles and line drives, one after another. Good spirits, encouraging cheering and smiles batters box to outfield.

Awaiting their next game these two guys from the Raging Turkeys and their rivals the Kentucky Water Fowl are ready to play.

Maintaining that the girls on their team were the best looking. These two teams were mostly young people, but many of the teams had a mixture of players of all ages from a guy in grade school on one team to folks as old as this antique photographer.

It wasn't long until the Raging Turkeys were at bat against the confident Kentucky Water Fowl.

Our hero drilled a line drive to the infield and a snappy throw to first made it two out. A couple minutes later the Raging Turkeys were forced into the field and the Kentucky Water Fowl were slamming the ball deep. So deep (below) there was a line up at home plate to welcome this guy round the bases after putting one over the fence.

All that is needed for a homer was a nice solid hit to right with enough loft on it for that twenty knot wind to send it out of sight.

The draw told the story as the games were being wrapped up in quick succession. The reason for Slo-Pitch popularity is that the games move along at a good clip and there is almost continuous action with no base stealing, and a hit every at bat.

As this photographer took in the action it was clear these folks were having too much fun and the games are meant to be played not watched.

Meanwhile the folks from the Tisdale Museum had their booth open as they awaited lunch customers and the beer garden opened at twelve.

Nonstop action on five fields. The temperature at twenty-three and glorious sunshine. The new dug out shelters really offer a safe haven from the relentless sunshine and are a welcome addition to the fields. Two of the fields do not have the crushed red rock on their infields.

The beauty of Slo-Pitch is the flexibility that allows players of such a wide range of skills to play and have fun with each other. Even one sided games are great both to play and watch as every player is involved and

only on the field above was the wind a minor factor but the hits just keep on coming anyway.

In this game the short stop had lined up a pop fly and was in position to make the catch when second based blundered into her, she couldn't get the ball and he fell at her feet. Everyone agreed with their laughter when short stop administered a well deserved and appropriate kick to second base's posterior.

In the game below the skill of both teams was a notch above and they were blasting that ball over the fence play after

play as it kept one person busy collecting the ball from both fouls and home runs. The sluggers seemed to even things out because without those long hits they would have a tough time making it to first.

But the main event today was the perfect ball weather, neither to hot or cold, the wind was adding fun to the games and kept the temperature down and those are fair weather cumulus so no fear of showers.

For those of you who missed this season, the Slo-Pitch league will be back in action next spring and all of these folks will be back at the game they love.