SaskPower Women's Northern Curling Championship

FTLComm - Tisdale - january 17, 2001
All is ready for the SaskPower Women's Northern Curling Championship as sixteen teams of curlers fom the province's North meeting here in Tisdale tomorrow. The teams will begin arriving tomorrow from 10:00 until 1:00 when they will register and they have ice time from 11:30 until 1:30 to do some practicing and get used to the great surroundings here in the Tisdale RecPlex.

The curling area has undergone some rennovations this fall including the removal of the ice dividers. Plans had originally been to install PVC separators but it looks as though that idea has been revised and the ice surface and the whole facility is looking and playing its best.

The first draw begins at 3:00 with Patty Rocheleau of Saskatoon against Tisdale' Anita Cowlishaw, Jacqueline Swiderski from Lakeland takes on Myrna Nielson from Yorkton, Heather MacMillan from Saskatoon meets Cheryl Cey from Unity, and Sherry Anderson from Delisle plays Barbara Griffin from Strasbourg.

The signs are ready for the opening ceramony at seven. If you would like to be behind the glass viewing what promises to be an amazing curling event tickets are $25 for the event, $10 for a day or $5 for an evening draw. The "A" final is scheduled for Saturday night at 8:00 with the "B" final Sunday morning at 9:30 and the "C" final at 2:00 Sunday. From these sixteen teams four will come out on top and will be off to Estevan for the provincial championships.

8A Delisle

Sherry Anderson
Kim Hodson
Sandra Mulroney
donna Gignac
coach- Ron Meyers
8B Biggar

Anita Silvernagie
Maxine Montgomery
Kelly Willison
Julie Vandenameele
9A Lanigan

Shelly lamontagne
Denise Howat
Dorothy Smale
Karen Greve
9B Strasbourg

Barbara Griffin
Orva Kelin
Diane Kondratiuk
Brenda Huber
10A Foam Lake

Sue Altman
Caroline Virgin
Karen Indzeoski
Marcia Indzeoski
10B Yorkton

Myrna Nielsen
Lynne Doll
Donna Liebrechi
Barb Woytas
11A Tisdale

Anita Cowlishaw
Anne Phair
Barb Marleau
Jodi Bruce
11B Melfort

Dawn Johnson
Belinda Simon
Lori Fettes
Reanne Usselman
12A Lakeland

Jacqueline Swiderski
Avis Halcro
Lori McGowan
Gail Anderson
12B Prince Albert

Linda Bjork
Pattie Krafchuk
Dona Siegel
Pat Despins
13A Saskatoon Nutana

Lori McGeary
Heather Walsh
Jill Shumay
Trenna Derdall
13B Saskatoon Nutana

Heather McMillan
Rachel Foley
colleen Gerrling
Laurie Secord Humble
13C Saskatoon Hub City

Chandra Morgan
Denise Jabusch
Lori Toews
Lana Sigurdson
Saskatoon Granite

Patty Rocheleau
Angela Mossman
Sherri Singler
Judy Leanard
coach - Terri Farough
14A Unity

Cheryl Cey
Karen Fell
Sandra Miller
Wanda Heitt
14B Meadow Lake

Lena Dubray
Dianne Sergeew
Kim Ackerman
Andrea Dubray