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The Last Game: Hudson Bay 33 - 17

Perfect conditions were on hand for Saturday's semifinal NESAC football game. Referee Rick Zens, Umpire Bob Price, Line judges Larry Bedel and Chad Cleaveley were on hand to make it a fair contest while Lawrence Carrier kept score and Steve Sobool looked after the time.
Even at 1:10 as the game was about to begin the low autumn shadows cut into the site line of the players benches on the field's North side. Hudson Bay began the game far more subdued then usual and Tisdale are seen here following a good warm up confident in their ability to play a good game.
After some last minute encouragement the game began with Tisdale getting a single and Hudson Bay charging up the field to put the first touch down on the score board early in the first series of plays.
Cars began surrounding the field almost an hour before game time and just as the first kick off started the game the size of the crowd doubled as Hudson Bay supporters showed up ringing the field so that their players could hear their support from all sides, while the cheerleaders took up their position at the South West corn of the field.

Coach Zorn gets a little height on things as quarterback Robert Boxall fakes to Patterson then wheels out to get a pass away.
Battleford's "AA" midget Barons were in Town Saturday for a night game with the Ramblers and decided to spend the great afternoon over at the football field and there is no doubt that they enjoyed the game.

It was a close game throughout as both teams were able to make yards up field and the wind had a minimal affect on passing. In this drive Tornado quarterback Robert Boxall keeps the ball and heads up the middle to be shoe stringed. Both he and the Rider quarterback showed no fear in keeping the ball and doing the running themselves.

Below is one of the best plays of the first half as Ricky Krystal found some room around the left side and dashed up field. Krystal was able to complete several of these twisting side step runs as Hudson Bay's defense was caught off guard on several of these.

In the second quart here is a great example of some good blocking making a first down as the Tornado linemen get Robert Boxall some running room and he is finally brought down by a pursuing tackle.

Down at this part of the field it was wall to wall Hudson Bay fans.

Half Time


Some of the Battleford Barons share a few donuts with the Hudson Bay cheerleaders. Battleford can be justly proud of the pleasant and polite demeanor of their travelling Midget team who got into the spirit of the football game and expressed their enthusiasm for the play. Their coaches also enjoyed the time in the sun and this dramatic change from the normal elements of a hockey road trip.

To start off the second half here is Mike Kostiew getting to make a return.

Third quarter Hudson Bay puts the points on the board the truly increased the pressure on Tisdale. Below Left Piwtorak is brought down after hammering his way around the corner. Then two plays later its in the end zone for a Rider touch down.
Below are four pictures combined to show the Tornado's efforts as the march down field with Patterson, and Boxall moving the ball on the ground and as in the last one, may be not.





The Riders defense is credited with having been able to read the Tornado offense and yet when it came to the crunch the Riders were able to put the ball in the end zone and win the game.

There is no doubt that this has been a great year for Tisdale football and with a season like this one we can expect an even better effort in the years to come.

Next Saturday Melfort will have to deal with Hudson Bay in Hudson Bay for the championship and I am counting on the Riders to repeat their performance next week.
It had been a good game, even though each player knows he did his job there is a heaviness in each step as the game's defeat is finalised in their minds. Most of these players are young and there is next season to do some winning once again.
Jubilation as the Riders take the field they have won 33 - 17 and next Saturday the final.