Bantam Ramblers 3-2 over Melfort

The Second Page

Though I was in Melfort to see a hockey game I am always impressed with the building and the striking incongruity of the surroundings. This is truly one of the best facilities anywhere and always a pleasure to visit. As you can see the pool was busy and there was a birthday party in progress with a great cake.

The picture below is actually three pictures combined to give you a sense of the fans on hand to support the teams.
A coach's work is never done, this game is the prelude to the next and the next and so on and just like the players the coach has to be on his or her toes to pick up the subtlies of his oponent and always keep in mind that he has things to learn as well. Bantam hockey is perhaps the most developmental level of hockey as atom coaches work on skills, pee wee coaches teach the game and the bantam coach puts things together.
The people on the ice are directly related to the folks there to watch and encourage. This composite picture takes a look at the aspects of those above the ice.

Its a complicated and exciting game, here is a composite image that gives you a different view of the event.
The use of a time out in hockey is something that has developed lately and I doubt if it has added much to the game.

This hockey game is available on VHS video tape with play by play, so if you would like a copy contact Faster Than Light Communications or give us a call at 306 873 2004, copies are $15.