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FTLComm - Tisdale - October 15, 1998  
Clearing the field Tuesday paid off as the playing surface was ideal for Wednesday's game with Hudson Bay. With temperatures hovering just above freezing, mist and fog the game took on a European look as the Tisdale Tornadoes jumped to a three nothing lead early in the game. Disciplined zone play gave the Tornadoes the control of the game despite a solid and aggressive response from Hudson Bay. This was definitely not a wimp game as both sides moved the ball well Tisdale really made effective use of its passing.

Three parents and one teacher made it out to support the girls with about fifteen boisterous fans to urge their team on. I intended to get some pictures and a feel for the game and then get back to work but the excitement of the game held me there for almost half the game. As someone new to watching soccer I can't help but be impressed with the progress the Tisdale team has made and the vigour of this game really commands ones attention.