Preeceville Takes Provincial Round Two Straight

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 20, 1999
The mighty Ramblers lost their third game this year but this one put them out of the Provincial playdowns. Having gone to Preeceville and lost six to two they were hoping that in their home arena they would settle down and make up the deficit they faced with a two game total point series. The first period was a Tisdale display of puck control and yet the lord of the puck was not with them as Preeceville scored on the first shot on net and went on to win the game five to three. As you can see there was a great crowd on hand to cheer their teams on with a large contingent from Preeceville.

Both of these fellows were having an off night, Barkley Swenson, the top scoring player for the Ramblers and of the Pasquia hockey league, peppered the goalie, got the breakaways, but the miserable thing just wouldn't go in, while Preeceville shots seemed to be drawn to the back of the Rambler net like a magnet.

The Referee had an off night as well. Both teams were playing aggressive hockey and by the time he tried to cool emotions down in the second period, he had pretty much a messy game on his hands and then in the third period he could get the cheap ones but failed to control some more serious offenses However, the referee did not make a difference in the game in terms of favouring one team over another, he was .

just not as sharp as he normally is. But then, it is easy to call the game up in the stands or along the glass, out on the ice with twelve fired up players it can be quite a different situation

Preeceville Pats are a good team around the net and are able to keep a balanced game with defense and offense doing their part to keep them constantly a threat. While the Pats advance in the provincials the Ramblers are heading toward their second league championship with a league playoff game on Sunday night at 8:00.

This second period tussle was well handled by the officials as tempers interfered
with sportsmanship and the will to win. The Ramblers had a similar problem in Preeceville where they took a large number of penalties in the second period and this gave the Pats a chance to score those goals. One of the problems the Ramblers had at Friday night's game was being able to capitalise on power play situations. There were times where their penalty killing was more of threat then their power play.

For the Ramblers it must have seemed like the picture at left as much of the game was a bit of a blur. Down four goals before the puck was dropped to start the game things just didn't get better.

Below is a QuickTime VR panorama.