FTLComm - Tisdale - January 10, 1999  
From the beginning Wednesday the Provincial Men's Senior Curling Championship has been moving toward the final this afternoon TheRound Robin play was exceptional as the teams worked their way through the draw and you can see the final results listed on the right. You can check the scores and wins by going to the draw which has all of the results game by game listed.

The semi finals took place Saturday night as Al Kehler's rink from Regina Highland defeated Harvey Newell and his foursome from Porcupine Plain in a tight 5 to 2. The tournament leader Ray Field, Gary Brandon, Davi Kradovill and Dale McHarg from Melfort have gone directly to the 2:00 PM game this afternoon when they will meet Al Kehler, Greig Manwaring, Lorne Leader and Robbie Ford

Fans have been coming out to cheer on their teams throughout the week and they have not been disappointed by the quality of the games they have seen. Officials have remarked that they tournament is one of the best organised play-offs they have seen with volunteers pitching in and the Tisdale Curling club making a first rate effort to make this a quality competition. The club has enjoyed the support of Tisdale businesses to make this a success.