FTLComm - Tisdale - January 31, 2000
While much of what likes to refer to themselves as the civilised world was getting ready to cuddle up to their "Bud Lite" and television to endure the Super Bowl our neighbours were outside enjoying the excellent Sunday afternoon weather.

I missed the best shot when she with the camera and he took the snow mobile airborne head high that's when I realised I should grab my camera.

Most outdoor winter sports in Canada do not occur during the actual "winter". The intense cold often in December and January and the small amount of snow over much of the country really makes it better to enjoy the winter sports world in
February, March and in the
North April and even May. During our years in the Yukon you endured November, December and January then in late February cross country skiing, down hill skiing and snow shoeing were just great.

Here in Saskatchewan light snow cover in the past few years has reduced cross country and snow mobiling until February. This all works out pretty well because the longer days give more sunlight for outdoor activities and it makes the end of the winter speed by. Had I had my camera running when he jumped over the snow pile and she caught it on her
camera, the expression on her face told it all.

During this past week cross country skiers have been able to enjoy late afternoon runs on La Ronge's super trails all this past week as the recreational season is now in full swing. There were reports that highway traffic returning from the Lakes and parks North of Prince Albert was very heavy Sunday night as the outdoor crowd returned to the city after a weekend or Sunday away from television.