FTLComm - Tisdale - June 14, 2000

The soccer programme is going full tilt with the elementary school yard covered with people Tuesday night. Four groups of play were in progress and at least one parent for every player.

Dressing in distinctive outfits to assist in recognition the co-ed players seemed to be immersed in the event and eager to participate. The coaches providing guidance and leadership to make the activity inclusive so that everyone was involved in the play. You will notice from the pictures that the numbers in group are very small this makes sure that every kid has
a chance to get into the play.

I was especially impressed with the large numbers of people involved. From all reports it seems that soccer is gaining increasing popularity right across the country as parents like the whole range of things that go along with the sport. Soccer is really one of those sports that demands and produces excellent aerobic exercise and as mentioned the social involvement and cooperative nature of the game seems to fit so well into the needs of
most children. The cost of
the sport is less then all other sports with simple equipment and only the need of a playing field and a ball.

The parents who were out Tuesday night seemed to be enjoying themselves as those not involved in coaching were able to socialise with one another despite the cool temperatures.

The composite picture below involves some very young children yet notice the intensity and involvemnent.