SilverTown Speedway Begins the 2002 Season

FTLComm - Tisdale - Sunday, may 26, 2002
The Tisdale stockcar racing season got underway Saturday with darks skies a howling wind and loads of enthusiasm. Despite the weather there were lots of fans on hand for the first race of 2002.

Saturday and today's races are part of the points each driver and car accumulates for the year and many were intent on making it a good start for this year.

The track is in fair shape with tanker loads of water having been applied to the surface and the grader working Saturday and this morning to prepare the track to be in the best conditions that can be produced on a dirt track.

There is a lot of excitement about next weekend, the Motor Madness Weekend when the Sprint cars from Edmonton will be here to highlight the weekends racing.

Shania Twain's Rock This Country seems to be appropriate to go with the fun of Silvertown.