Trojans over Yorkton Harvest 4 - 3

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, October 10, 2003
Thursday night saw the Tisdale "AAA" Trojans in their second home game of the season. The Trojans have four players injured including the player who was checked from behind in last week's game. By switching off forward to defense the fast skating Tisdale team showed their home ice face more than respectable hockey.

Yorkton Harvest is a mobile and good sized team with the ability to take advantage of defense errors and the games saw several spectacular break
aways. But Tisdale stuck to their conventional plan and played good heads-up skate and pass play. It was an exciting end to end game with little grab and jam that turns a fan's mind to jelly.

Above we see Tisdale scoring the first goal of the game on Yorkton's Mat Scott. This goalie is one of those goalies with great hands and likes to drop to his knees and catch them in the air. Goal one was a flip shot from in close over the shoulder.
The games second goal was a power play by Yorkton on a pretty straightforward up the centre play.

Tisdale had trouble clearing the large well positioned Yorkton forwards in their end and Yorkton's go ahead goal (right) came as a swarm descended on Jordan Kaczmar.

The second period was great hockey for both teams as there were plenty of scoring opportunities several break aways and most of the game's goals by
the half way point in the game.

Tisdale's aggressive forwards spotted Mat Scott's preference to get down and work the glove and put in three quick goals that definitely caught the Yorkton Coach's attention and he called a time out.

Tisdale had stuck to their passing and positional play and Yorkton was not making major errors but the game was decided in those first ten minutes of the second period.

In this goal and the one below it was a matter of exploiting Mat Scott's playing style. But, with distance between he and his attackers his position and glove hand were more than most teams can expect from their goalie.

Penalties did not play a big part in the game. No major penalties were assessed and the fast skating action just blasts by the heat that tends to generate penalty producing activities.
This was the second last goal scored in the game and Tisdale was out in front with two goals. Kaczmar had taken a chance and came out to challenge at least one break away but below with a two and "0" break he played the angles and the shot went in.

Yorkton's forwards and defense remained organised and under control and decided to limit their adventures to break aways and played very conservatively in the last period almost to the point of appearing to be playing
the game with a lead.

If we get to see more games like this one with skating passing and great skills by both teams any worries about the future of hockey will be distant memories. This was a good hockey game.

The Notre Dame Hounds will be here for a Saturday game on October 25th.

If you would like a copy of this game or the season opener contact me for a copy. Tapes are $15 plus mailing and tax.

Timothy W. Shire



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