Todd Panchyson gets hooked up early in the third period as the Trojans kept possession most of the time.

Trojans trounce Warriors 6 - 0

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Sunday afternoon was an important game for this season as it marks the last home game of the year and it was the pre-Christmas game that the fans brought items for the charity hampers.

The miserable losing streak still haunted the Trojans as they took to the ice but they were still in the play mode that had ended Saturday night's game and the Moose Jaw Warriors didn't have a chance. Simply, the Trojans just won't let them have the puck. I was able to appreciate the third period and it was absolute magic as the passes hit the sticks the neutral zone play was something out of a Czech hockey handbook and the puck kept going in the net.

Coach Kerr still has a few more games to sit out in his ten game tampering suspension

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Player of the game and hat trick winner Derek Larson
The referee was not having a good game and handed out a couple of misconducts with the kind of negative fury that seemed disproportional to the situation but the Trojans just kept on playing even with two player in the penalty box Ryan Holfeld hung on to his shut out.

Derek Larson got the only goal in the first period assisted by Matt Hill and Brady Gordon.

The second period saw Brennan Strang's pass get to Brett Leffler and then into the net at the five minute mark and three minutes later Tommy Brown and Justin Favreau assisted Derek Larson on his second goal of the game to end the period three to nothing.

In the third it was Matt Hill who scored near the four minute mark on a cool pass from Torrie Dyck. It was clear that it was a goal from the moment Hill approached the blue line as it was just one of the perfectly executed plays. Less than three minutes later Derek Larson got his hat trick from a combination play involving Brady Gordon and Daniel Hope. Then with less than ten minutes left in the game Evan Smith took Preston Shupe's pass to make it six to nothing.

It was unfortunate that there were so many penalties in all three periods with no less than eight misconducts and fights in the first and third. One of the things that is drummed into referees at certification seminars is not to provoke incidents. Make your signals clear and deliberate but avoid appearing vendictive or emotional. Sunday's referee was a tad on the emotion side jerking his hands to his hips in a defiant gesture of the misconduct penalties instead of the smooth motion that indicates regal understanding and authority. The thing we all have to realise is that it is tough handling the controlled violence of talented players like those on the ice Sunday afternoon and sometimes, if they decide to be a little nasty the referee has to keep his cool and see that it doesn't get out of hand and he does not become an instigator in the general chaos.

A remarkable game despite the penalties. I talked with Kyle Caragan after the game about the amazing level of puck and stick handling and he explained that they have had some really outstanind practices lately and it is just paying off on the ice. Kyle said he is feeling fine from his injury (Kyle was off for a few games with a concusion) and he was looking for the tournment in Calgary. The team leaves for cowboy town on Christmas Day and the torunament starts Boxing Day.

Assistant Coach Spencer told me that they were really looking forward to the tournament because if gives them the opportunity to play other teams although their first game on Sunday is with the Moose Jaw Warriors.

 Captain Matt Hill is always in the thick of things and in this case he was the meat in a sandwich between a Warrior and the boards

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