FTLComm - Tisdale - September 11, 1999  
(With technical difficulties at FTLComm this past week we were unable to bring you this story which would have appeared in our Monday edition.)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the labour day weekend is the traditional time for the Trojans to select their team for the coming season. Players from around the province and beyond came to town to try out for this "AAA" midget team. Evaluation games went all Saturday and Sunday morning and from them forty some odd players were selected to make the two teams that played Sunday afternoon. As you can see in this picture there were a lot of fans on hand to see how this year's team was shaping up.

In the stands were players from Nipawin Hawks team down to see the makings of the new Trojans, solid Trojan fans and of course a lot of parents of prospective players.
Though this camp was intended to select this year's team there were at least eight outstanding players returning from last year's team who were out to WHA camps. These players are assured of spots on the team so if they return to the Trojans they will displace some of the selected players from Sunday's game.

For these boys this is their chance of a lifetime to play at this elevated level of play and for some with no midget hockey in their home community this was an all or nothing event. With the dwindling rural population so many communities that were once outstanding hockey towns there are simply no longer enough players to have competitive play at their age level.

The Trojans selected their team and have already had their first exhibition game on Wednesday when they met the
Prince Albert Mintos for the
first time this year.

I asked this lady if the dog was a dedicated hockey fan and she said that he often was a little intimidated by they experience but as you can see him posing for this picture he was definitely at ease in the RecPlex.

There were about eight local players who were still in the two teams last Sunday afternoon so there is a good chance that we will have as many local players in this year's team as last year when Jason Little was the league's leading scorer. Jason is wearing a Black Nipawin Hawk's sweater this year.

Below are some images of last Sunday's game.
Every season has the excitement and nostalgia of the familiar, so hockey season is back again and life is as it should be. Below is the new photographer for the Recorder who will be covering games this year.